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VEER [Mission 0] is a Side Scrolling Platform Shooter, set in a Futuristic City. You take control of Vera, a Mercenary who has a special ability.

This version of the game is about Vera's First outing .. a test set by the 'Broker'. Vera will have to use her ability to not only dispatch enemies, but to also circumnavigate the security systems and numerous obstacles.

System Requirements:

Keyboard and a Two Button Mouse

Windows 10 or 7 64-Bit Operating System

Basic Controls:


[A] / [D] or [Left Arrow] / [Right Arrow] Keys.


[Right] Mouse Button.


[Left] Mouse Button.

'VEER' Ability Controls will be explained In Game.


The music for this game was created by Mercurius FM. If you like the in game music please take a look at his sites and sample some more of his cool tracks.

Mecurius FM
Mecurius FM on Bandcamp


VEER_1.0.1.zip 71 MB
VEER_1.0.1.rar 61 MB

Development log


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Hi, on the "System Requirements" section you write that the game requires Windows 10 64-bit but I tested it on Windows 7 64-bit and it works fine.

Maybe you should change that statement to state that it also works on Windows 7? It could probably work on older Windows too but I haven't tested it.

Thanks, Stavros.


Hi Stavros,

Many thanks for letting me know about this. 




Pretty awesome game you have here! The mechanics are really solid and the gameplay is fun, if not a little slow. The voxel art is pretty most of the time but the halls get a little repetitive. Plus thumping electronic music the whole time!


Thanks for my first ever game review! Really happy you gave it a go.