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VEER [Mission 0] is a Side Scrolling Platform Shooter, set in a Futuristic City. You take control of Vera, a Mercenary who has a special ability.

This version of the game is about Vera's First outing .. a test set by the 'Broker'. Vera will have to use her ability to not only dispatch enemies, but to also circumnavigate the security systems and numerous obstacles.

System Requirements:

Keyboard and a Two Button Mouse

Windows 10 64-Bit Operating System

Basic Controls:


[A] / [D] or [Left Arrow] / [Right Arrow] Keys.


[Right] Mouse Button.


[Left] Mouse Button.

'VEER' Ability Controls will be explained In Game.


The music for this game was created by Mercurius FM. If you like the in game music please take a look at his sites and sample some more of his cool tracks.

Mecurius FM
Mecurius FM on Bandcamp


VEER_1.0.1.zip 71 MB
VEER_1.0.1.rar 61 MB

Development log


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Pretty awesome game you have here! The mechanics are really solid and the gameplay is fun, if not a little slow. The voxel art is pretty most of the time but the halls get a little repetitive. Plus thumping electronic music the whole time!

Thanks for my first ever game review! Really happy you gave it a go.